Thursday, August 17, 2017

New House: Some Progress

Hardwoods are finally being installed! All of the prep and demo is finallyyyyy over. Amen! I went with white oak in saddle from Floor and Decor. It was on super sale when we bought it (around $3.29/foot). I LOVE it! Can't wait to see more of it down.

The powder room is also done (aside from shoe molding and air vents). Today they were starting in the kitchen area.

The subway tile backsplash started going in this week and was finished today- grout tomorrow. Initially I was going to do ceramic, but we don't have much linear space to cover, so I went with what I really wanted. Glass! These are 3x6 snow white glass from Lowe's.

My dad installed some new hardware on the cabinets- cup pulls. More hardware to replace around here, but we are getting there!

Yay for progress! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New House: New Project

We closed on the new house on August 2nd! Some move in pictures...

(crappy phone pics coming at ya!)

 Dining Room

Living Room


Powder room



The movers unloaded our stuff from Savannah that same day, and the flooring guys came the next day and started tearing out the downstairs carpet/vinyl. Of course, it came right up. The problem has been the glued down hardwoods in the foyer and dining area. It was both blued and stapled, and the glue is so thick, really well bonded. It's a messssssss. Yesterday, they got up the last of it. HOORAY! New hardwoods finally started being installed. YES!

Last week the painters came. We had originally planned to do the painting ourselves, but quickly realized it was too big of an undertaking. The ceilings are high and the stairwell alone would have killed me! So money well spent hiring out the work. They had the entire house painted in TWO days.
That would have easily taken me several months HA.

The main color is Sherwin Williams Big Chill.

Dining room is SW Moody Blue.

Master is SW Gray Matters.

Upstairs bath is SW Mountain Air, and Master Bath is SW Tradewind.

So, since the painting was finished, I have been trying to get upstairs put together. The girls room mainly since that's the most important next to the master (downstairs). My dad put together the crib and Evans's bed and hung curtain rods for me. Hooray. At least it's coming together up there.

Downstairs is chaos. Complete chaos. Sawdust and debris pretty much in every room.

Tile went down in the laundry/mudroom over the weekend and I really love it! It used to be vinyl, now its an easy to clean porcelain tile. What a difference!

So for now, it's mostly a hot mess at Houston House #4! But, we live for this renovation stuff, who am I kidding.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

17 Months

Mae Caroline is 17 months old today!! Weighs 22 pounds, wearing 18 months, size 4 diapers, size 5.5 shoes. Dma took her to get some new shoes last week, and MC was so excited! She's very brought of the new kicks.

New words: Papa, night-night, whoopsie-daisies (woopy day day), banana (mmm-nana)

She's BUSY... I feel like I follow her around all day long re-navigating her from one dangerous thing to the next. She will find the danger. Oh my. And now she has learned how to open doors. We have to keep doors closed and locked so that she doesn't escape. She's quick!

Still loves to eat, and is a great sleeper. Still takes two naps a day. She will start going to church school in a month from 9-12, so we will have to wean off that morning nap before long. Hopefully that means she'll take a good long nap for me at home after lunch :)

She's adjusted really well with the semi-move. The girls are already moved up to Papa and D's until we close on the house next week (well, really until the renovations on that house are done). She hasn't seemed to miss a beat with her schedule, sleeping, etc. I think she's loving the bigger house to play and run around in :)

She's starting to show some TEMPER when she doesn't get what she wants. Oh me. We may be in for it with this one after all!! But then, she can be as sweet as can be, too. Still loves her thumb. And Evans is her idol.

Happy 17 months to our ball of energy!