Friday, February 23, 2018

Project Update

The bookshelves I refinished are completed! I delivered them this week to my client's house and styled them (well, except for pictures in the frames!) Love how they turned out!

Finished product!

This room is her "formal dining room" by builder plan, but we are going to use it as a sitting/cocktail style room. Two comfy chairs and a round coffee table will eventually go in front of the bookshelves. 

This light has been ordered for the space! 
And here's an idea of what the room will look like when it's done. Yay! 

I also delivered the runner (which  needs a good steaming!) to finish off her breakfast area. This is why we aren't doing a "formal" dining room. 

The old screen I refinished had a third piece to it, so I'm hanging it in the foyer at that same client's house for some interest. 

That project is coming along. 

Life lately- the weather has been AMAZING but my sinuses not so much! Pollen is already killing me, oooh. We have taken advantage of this spring tease, however, with boat rides and time outdoors!

Happy Friday everyone! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Our Weekend

Last week when I picked up E from school, she told me her art was in her school's art gallery! She was (is) SO proud, and of course I am proud of her, too. Sweet girl! 

Friday night we celebrated Daddy coming HOME with a night out for Mexican food! Our favorite! Papa and D joined us, too. 

Saturday was date night! My parents kept the girls over night (holla!) and they had the best time. Evans was so wound up she woke up at 5 AM ready to go! HA! Sillies. They love their grandparents house! 

Hubs and I ended up going to dinner at J Peters in Chapin, and we were done and back home by 7:15. HAHAHAHAHA. We went on a golf cart ride, checked on the boat (too cold to take out), and "slept in" until 8 AM Sunday morning. It was so nice to take our time and actually enjoy a cup of coffee before someone was calling for us to do something. Love these little breaks, but love to see my kiddos when they come home! 

Sunday afternoon was spent chasing after our crazies and enjoying the sunshine. Hubs fixed the swingset and I cleaned it really well, and the kids were thrilled. 

I also had time to finish this bookshelf rehab. I'm delivering it to my client tomorrow! 

Happy Monday! 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Repurposing An Old Folding Screen

Last week I finished this project! A friend was throwing out this folding screen, and I had to swoop in and save it. I didn't know exactly what I'd use it for, but an idea occurred to me after I got the screen home. We didn't have much lighting in our living room, and I really wasn't that happy with the decor around our tv before (it was unbalanced and just kind of an afterthought). I thought, well I could use these as sort of architectural pieces on the wall.. and then I thought I need to do some sconces instead so we can actually see at night..... and then the two ideas kind of combined as I tossed and turned with insomnia one night. That's when I get most of my thinking done. 

This is how the screens looked before hand. This is the back side, the front side has an intricate scrolling gold flower/dragon design carved into it. 

I first did a thin coat of Annie Sloan cocoa. The secret to this paint is LAYERING! Using several colors and working your brush every which way will give you tons of interest and texture.

Once the first layer was dry, I added a few stokes of French Linen. 

added in some Paris Gray....

and then added a Graphite wash over top.  I like to mix this color with water to almost like a stain consistency. You can do a wash over top of natural wood even and wipe it away- to give you a weathered/reclaimed wood look. It's amazing! 

I then added in pure white lighten it up some....

and more French Linen...

At the end, I sealed it with Annie Sloan dark wax. It brought out all of the colors and depth. Love this stuff! You can see how the layering of different colors and all the brush work really gives it that aged wood appearance. These were FLAT BLACK panels. Crazy right?

I unscrewed each panel so that there were 3 separate panels and painted every side well. Sealed those. 

I then attached the swing arm sconces and hung the panels on the wall. Voila! 

I like that they anchor the tv and the boat paddles and give symmetry. I'm all about symmetry. 

The room just feels so much more put together now. 

And now we can see at night! Much better! 

The third panel is going to live at one of my client's houses. Yay! 

Do you have any DIY plans this weekend?